Second Transact Pro Tag Rugby Festival Gathers New Players

Second Transact Pro Tag Rugby Festival Gathers New Players

On 23 May, at 11:00, the second Transact Pro tag rugby festival will take place on the field of the Riga Technical College.

Tag rugby is a type of introductory rugby played by children and teenagers all over the world. Players wear belts, to which two special tags are attached. To stop a player, their opponent must pull a tag off. This is a non-contact game, although it reflects the main principles of the original game of rugby.

Teams from Riga schools will participate in the festival, as well as players from Vijciems, Trikāta and Baldone. As part of the Transact Pro tag rugby programme, representatives of the Miesnieki rugby club, Uldis Bautris, Elmārs Šefanovskis, Andrejs Mantinieks and Līga Svetlova, conducted lessons in fifteen schools to teach key rugby skills and donate rugby gear that can be used for sports classes.

Last year, the Fricis Brīvzemnieks Primary School won the tournament, while the Riga English Grammar School took second place.

Transact Pro has supported rugby since 2010, implementing in recent years a broad junior rugby support programme, promoting tag rugby in general education schools and helping talented junior teams in Elejas Parish.