Transact Pro launches a new co-branded gift card project in Lithuania

 Transact Pro launches a new co-branded gift card project in Lithuania

Transact Pro, in cooperation with one of the largest shopping and leisure centres in Lithuania – Mega – has begun to issue co-branded gift cards, replacing gift coupons with cards from the international payment system MasterCard.

"Mega shopping centre is the first Transact Pro MasterCard gift card project in Lithuania. Currently, we are in the process of negotiating with other shopping centres in the Baltic region," said Jurijs Bordulans, Head of Business Development at Transact Pro.

With more than 200 shops, cafes, restaurants, sports centre and a ten-metre-high aquarium – its main attraction – Mega shopping and leisure centre is located in Kaunas, Lithuania.

MasterCard gift cards enable optimisation of payment processes with retailers, and acceptance and processing of transactions. This process is becoming more convenient for clients and more beneficial for retailers. Jurijs Bordulans stressed, "Today, shopping centres do not have to deal with local systems to provide acceptance of gift cards, accounting of turnover and settlements with retailers”. The MasterCard gift card makes it possible to assess the priority products of buyers, view purchase statistics, as well as organise information by time, day and the retailers attracting the highest buyers’ spending.

Such cards contribute to the introduction of new loyalty programmes for clients and the development of more personalised discounts and bonuses, which are interesting for buyers, beneficial for merchants and convenient for shopping centres. Convenience and easy use increases mutual trust between partners and provide broader expansion opportunities, as well as attract more clients, thus increasing the turnover of the shopping centre.

The Mega gift card is available at the shopping centre and is denominated from 10 to 400 euros. Purchases from merchants at the shopping centre using this card are not subject to extra charges. The card balance can be accessed on the homepage of the Mega shopping and leisure centre. Gift cards can be used at the shopping centre only, no top-up or cash withdrawal options are provided.