Transact Pro speaks about the basics in cyber-security within the European E-skills Week in Latvia

Transact Pro speaks about the basics in cyber-security within the European E-skills Week in Latvia

Normunds Aizstrauts, representative of the company Transact Pro and cyber-security specialist, delivered a lecture "Security on the Internet" within the European E-skills Week. Normunds Aizstrauts provided a few recommendations on safe use of Internet — financial security, risks related to identity theft, discussion was held on security of access passwords and information security on the Internet environment.

"We discussed the security principles in the field of finance, which is a topical issue for all Internet users," — commented Normunds Aizstrauts.

During the lecture, various recommendations were presented regarding the following topics — how to choose a safe password and type of authentication, how to update security systems, software and applications timely; necessity to consider prudently the information you share in social networks; importance of careful handling of unknown resources, for example, homepages, e-mails, and such.

"Paying attention to your own financial security on the Internet is particularly necessary. Security is bases on five key conditions — safe authentication, safe and unique password, "clean" equipment (virus-free software), as little use of doubtful resources as possible, as well as thorough assessment of personal information posted on the Internet."

Social networks are becoming increasingly important in our lives. In this regard, more careful consideration of the data we post is recommended. We should remember that Internet has no "delete" button. Sensitive information (for example, location, address, date of birth) should not be shared to avoid possibility of use of your identity for malicious intents.

Attendants took interest in possibilities of modern technologies to track down behaviour and wishes of users and the degree of security of these systems for the users themselves. For example, messages to the smartphone on traffic flow at the end of a working day and reminders on a forthcoming flight. Specialist tells that such systems have been created for the convenience of customers, as well as reminds that the Internet sites and software you authorize to track your location and interests should be assessed at all times. "You have to determine the balance between convenience and security by yourselves," stressed Normunds Aizstrauts.

E-skills Week organized by the Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LIKTA) in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (VARAM) took place across Latvia from 27 March until 2 April.