Transact Pro to participate in an international rugby sevens tournament in Israel

Transact Pro to participate in an international rugby sevens tournament in Israel

This year the Latvian rugby team Transact Pro will increase its international experience and participate in a rugby sevens tournament in Netanya, Israel.

Transact Pro Rugby Team was established in 2010 on the basis of the strongest Latvian rugby club Miesnieki. The team started participating in international tournaments with the tournament Bury 7s in the United Kingdom and Benidorm 7s in Spain. In 2011, the team started participating in Amsterdam 7s which is the tournament with the highest number of participants. Every day around 100 male, female and senior teams compete in the tournament.

The Transact Pro Rugby Team’s claim to fame is the participation and results achieved in the Amsterdam 7s tournament. Thanks to the successful start in Amsterdam in 2015, the team was invited to compete with the strongest rugby clubs in Europe at the tournament Roma 7s. The world giants of rugby always attend this event as special guests. For an amateur team this is an invaluable experience to be able to compete with teams that are one class higher.

Participation in the tournament Roma 7s allowed the Transact Pro Rugby Team to participate in the Dubai 7s tournament, the organizers of which were familiar with the previous experience of the team and invited the team to participate in the International Open Men group.

Dubai 7s is the Mecca of all amateur rugby sevens class players. The amateur tournament is organised along with the World Series stage. The players have an opportunity to compete and support their favorite teams and learn from professionals.

This year, from 11 to 12 February, the Latvian rugby club will participate in an international tournament in Israel. The tournament is organised in cooperation with the Transact Pro Rugby Team and the Israeli Rugby Federation. The Italian national team and Fiji students’ team have applied to participate in the tournament. For Latvian rugby players this will be an opportunity to test themselves between seasons on a grass field. Due to weather conditions in Latvia, the team has to practice on artificial fields indoors from November until March.

The games will take place in Netanya, Israel, at the Wingate Institute.