Transact Pro in cooperation with Domina Shopping introduces new MasterCard gift cards

Transact Pro in cooperation with Domina Shopping introduces new MasterCard gift cards

Transact Pro in cooperation with the shopping center “Domina Shopping” has begun issuing MasterCard gift cards to be used at Domina Shopping. This kind of card makes using such gift cards much easier and reduces service infrastructure costs. 

These co-branded or so-called White Label gift cards have a broad range of applications. First, they provide the possibility for companies to issue unique MasterCard cards with their own label & design. Secondly, these cards can be associated with a company’s specific loyalty, bonus or discount programs. By using this kind of MasterCard gift card, a company can ensure its own label recognition putting its own company logo on the cards.

The shopping center Domina Shopping gift card solution has been enhanced to reflect the latest and most modern improvements – this new MasterCard gift card is now being offered exclusively to Domina customers. 

"International payment system cards give the possibility to optimize card acceptance and transaction processing and are more convenient to use not only for customers but also for the merchants themselves.  In today`s fast-paced world, shopping centers no longer have to deal with internal infrastructure maintenance and service, which ensures gift card payment acceptance, volume accounting and settlement of payments with merchants. All these processes are accounted for and ensured automatically by the payment system offered by MasterCard,” noted the head of business development Jurijs Bordulans.

These gift cards can be used in 160 shops at Domina Shopping; at cafes, restaurants, beauty parlors, the fitness center, the cleaners, and other service providers.

This specialized gift card can be obtained at Domina Shopping. The cards can be purchased in nominal values between 10 and 400 euro. You can make purchases with this card without any extra fees. The balance on the card can be checked free of charge on the Domina Shopping webpage, at the information desk, or by calling Transact Pro customer service. For an additional fee, you can also check your balance at cash machines (ATMs).

This specialized gift card is not without certain restrictions. It is accepted only at Domina Shopping participating merchants and it is not possible to take out cash or add additional cash to it once purchased.   

"The issuance of new cards is a direction with great potential for Transact Pro, which will open possibilities to establish new cooperation projects with different companies in the aviation, micro-crediting, at shopping malls and in other areas,” stated Transact Pro board member Maksims Jaroševskis.