Transact Pro takes first place among the top fastest growing financial & insurance companies in Latvia for 2015

Transact Pro takes first place among the top fastest growing financial & insurance companies in Latvia for 2015


As per the financial indicators of 2015, the financial institution Transact Pro is among the Top 250 fastest growing companies in Latvia and has taken first place among the financial and insurance providers by showing the fastest turnover growth.

In evaluating the fastest growing firms in Latvia overall, Transact Pro was in 15th place. This result came in spite of the traditional leaders in the construction, retail and wholesale company sectors. Our closest competitor in the financial and insurance sector only took 63rd place among the top 250 companies. The Top 250 list was prepared by Grand Thornton Baltic in cooperation with Lursoft.

"Achieving such exceptional growth for the company was possible thanks to our new product and service introduction, our technological solutions and new business focus development, “stated Transact Pro board member Maksims Jarosevskis. In 2015, Transact Pro became a Visa Europe member and also received Master Card International and Visa Europe Acquiring licenses.  

"People want concrete solutions for concrete applications. In the near future, it is highly probable that traditional bank products and innovative tools will work in tandem making the customer interface in financial services even more convenient. In fact, the largest European bank infrastructure is being expanded to include new departments working in new product research and testing in biometrics, “blockchain” technology, customer behavioral analysis and other interesting areas. As a result, vast, innovative improvements await the financial sector. Unfortunately, these innovations are arriving with delays into the Latvian market. This can be seen with the contactless payment card introduction into Latvia, which had already been in the U.K. since 2007, ‘’ stressed the Transact Pro head of development Jurijs Bordulans.

In 2015, taken together and as per Lursoft data, the fastest turnover growth was in the areas of construction, real estate and for wholesale & retail companies. On the list of the fastest growing companies the first twenty also had companies from the road construction and transport services.

About Transact Pro

Transact Pro is a licensed financial institution and has been operating successfully in the area of electronic financial services since 2004. The company has principal memberships with VISA One and MasterCard Worldwide (cross-border card acquiring and issuing), SEPA and SWIFT.

Transact Pro provides on-line payment acceptance and processing, merchant checking accounts, transfers and prepaid and debit card issuance services for corporate customers. Company's end-to-end payment platform enables companies to launch their own payment instruments. Transact Pro operates an in-house payment processing platform and a proprietary PSI-DSS Level 1 payment gateway. 

Today Transact Pro serves customers all over the world.