Monitoring Deals

Our company carries out all the risk monitoring in compliance with LR legislation. The operating system’s external and internal control of market member’s activity prevents money laundering and terrorist-financing attempts.

With the aim of sustaining our company’s positive reputation, we share a great interest in risk minimization, that’s why we use comprehensive methods for deal verification:

  • With the help of our specifically-developed algorithms we make the primary automatic deal analysis, after which the deal is either denied or accepted for processing. The system works in a real time mode.
  • We execute manual deal-verification, taking into consideration the client’s history, circumstances of the deal and actual information about fraudulent facts.
  • Secondary analysis is executed on the basis of renewed actual information by using special algorithms.
  • Fraud monitoring

    is executed in compliance with the payment system’s requirements for loss prevention/minimization due to illegal card usage. The monitoring process is executed with the means of automatic and manual verification by using special software licensed directly by payment systems.

  • Blacklist and information analysis

    Transact Pro regularly receives information from VISA/MasterCard about fraudulent deals occurring in the Transact Pro receiving network. After processing the received data, the information about the client is logged onto a blacklist. This way we prevent any future attempts of deals using even one compromising parameter (for example card number or client e-mail address).
    We also execute the monitoring of prohibited goods and services sales, identifying deals which don’t correspond to a particular activity as well as the sales of limited/prohibited goods stipulated by banks.