Corporate Services

  • Online Payments Acceptance

    Transact Pro offers accessible and secure payments processing services for your business. Our solutions in the field of electronic payments save you time and let you concentrate on serving your customers.

  • Payment Accounts

    By opening a payment account at Transact Pro you can manage your company finances easily using Transact Online’s system.

  • Monitoring Deals

    Our company carries out all the risk monitoring in compliance with LR legislation. The operating system’s external and internal control of market member’s activity prevents money laundering and terrorist-financing attempts.

  • Salary Cards

    Order Transact Pro Master Card salary cards for your employees and receive the following advantages ...

  • Co-branded Cards

    Your company or brand card is one of the most available and effective tools for attracting new and supporting loyal customers. Transact Pro offers a possibility to issue your company a MasterCard.

  • Corporate Cards

    Opening Priority Cards for your corporate business needs simplifies your accounting, reducing the number of transactions for administrative expenses and facilitating the accounting of your business expenses. We can issue a corporate card for several of your employees at once.

  • Processing for Banks

    Sooner or later each bank faces the moment of choice: either to process card payments by themselves or use the services of a specialized enterprise. Our vast experience in processing payment card operations and card issuance allows us to propose to the banks the services of a professional processing center. Trust in the professionals to help you cut your costs and devote more time to your business, clients and services.